Fitness in Fall Musing 2011

Woohoo, Day 3 of my regime with Kathy Smith is done and I feel awesome.  Yes, Kathy definitely has made me feel muscles everywhere; but in turn, I also feel stronger and healthier.


At this time of year when I usually have such a horrible time with the Motivation sliding down that Fall slide I want to just slack and before you know it, the workouts are mediocre.  Still done, but done just to get by and bypass the guilt trip of not working out at all.


This year, I took lessons from previous years and come August, I knew I had to come up with a plan or for sure, history would repeat itself and by the time the Christmas/New Years weeks came I would feel like crap.  So, as you know, September I did a workout regime I made up with Chalene’s Turbo Jam DVDs making sure I was doing Strength Training 3 times a week with 3T, Lower Body Workout and Booty Sculpt and Abs.  Every other week I would substitute Lower Body Work for Booty Sculpt and Abs and do Turbo Sculpt (which was never one of my favs for strength training/toning.  By the end of September I was feeling alive again and surprisingly, not going through the usual really down times of having to close up the gardens slowly for another winter coming.


October, which is normally my worst month because Bob and I have been going away to the tropics for our Anniversary, so the workouts end up being walks on the beach and a few workouts lead by the fitness coordinators at the resorts we stayed on, but still, nothing compared to the food and wine consumed! 


This year I did the Lean For Life maintenance plan from her ChaLEAN Extreme and that was to me like doing it for the first time and really revved up motivation to keep on going and enjoying the fact that even though there were days I wanted to pass totally, by the time the warm up was over, I was ready to work it.  I can honestly say I had the best October I have had in a few years.  I had already made up my mind that I would do Beachbody’s Project:You by Kathy Smith because I had not done any of this for ages.  So long, I don’t remember when.  Probably about 2007.  I knew I wasn’t going to do the 12 week program she had set up because honestly, I wanted to make this about me.  After all, it is called Project:You.  So, one more time I made sure I was doing strength training 3 times a week with one day for Pilates/Yoga, one day for only cardio and Sundays for her Steady Strides walking because I knew I could do this outdoors if the weather was nice and at the mall when Bob takes the groceries to his Mom. 


It is so important when you want to make changes in your body/life to create a plan that suits you.  Not your friend.  Not your co-worker.  Not your Sister/Brother.  Not your online friends.  You do what YOU know you WILL do and make it challenging but doable so that it becomes your Success Story.


Plus, it never ceases to amaze me that when you do this, your mind automatically checks and double checks to make sure you are eating to support all this work you are doing physically.  Of course we ALL have our days, but it is always a “get over it” thing.  You let it go and start again the next meal or day.  That might just be the greatest reward of having a cheat day/meal by getting back on track and back into the swing of things.


December is something I am still wondering what it is I will come up with.  I am doing Chalene’s 30 PUSH Challenge starting 11-11-11 (Friday) so I am hoping something in me will go “aha” and I will have this figured out before the end of next week.  I want to be prepared.  For now, I have made myself know that if there is no “aha moment” then I will do the month of December with Dax Moy’s workouts from what Diane and I did 3 years ago and Joey Atlas because they both have excellent core challenging/toning workouts, but again challenging but doable.


January will also be on my mind of what to do with the library of workout DVDs I have.  I also know the INBOX get inundated with this amazing plan/that amazing plan, this new workout, that new workouts.  I know for a fact that I will NOT go into 2012 without a Plan For Success.  So, I will be checking in here more often.


I know this is more like a Blog post, so I thank you for reading from me one more time, my personal plan for honouring the body God has given me so that my quality of life as I age is better because of the fact I love myself enough to do whatever it takes that I honestly will do to empower my own self compassion because my heart is what makes me who I am both physically and personally. 

Copied from BB post Jammin’ 50+ers when I decided today, November 09, 2011 was the day to start a personal journal/blog to keep myself accountable and happy. 



A positive attitude creates will.

A negative attitude creates nil.



About laura1952

I am a 64 year old happily married wife to a wonderful man since 1988 and we have been together since 1985. Fitness and my health took prescent in 2002 when I had a crazy accident with a clothesline hitting me and knocking me off a deck to create many problems physically over a couple of years. While I was healing I also lost my Mother to Emphysema and decided the night she was taken off life support it was time for me to give up my addiction to nicotine. I quit smoking 5 months later on May 04, 2003 with the help of a government program that became free. Ask and you shall receive. I ended up putting on 40 lbs over 6 months because I replaced cigarettes with chips and homemade dip at night time as I was also going through peri-menopause, so it was a no win situation double dipping in disrupting the hormone balance and retaining belly fat/body fat. I had asked my husband to buy me a fitness DVD for Christmas and he was kind enough to hear my desperation and bought me Pilates For Dummies and a mat. January 01, 2004 was the beginning of the rest of my life of my Fitness call in life. I also saw Bob Greene on Oprah promoting his new book Get With The Program. This was the "ask and you shall receive" I needed to keep me motivated and to make some serious lifestyle changes that are a part of my life forever now. I am a Grandmother of 2 Granddaughters and 3 Step Grandsons. Becoming a Grandmother was like a piece of the missing puzzle of my life was finally inserted. Life is a journey and I have loved being alive since I started on my fitness/nutrition journey because it was "the" reason to release my mind from depression and to begin to be grateful for the life I wake up to each and every morning. Here I am 11 years later and "got it" that moving makes me feel better. ls
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